Mitch Nash is the creative director and co-owner of gift manufacturer Blue Q, based in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Blue Q develops and oversees the manufacturing and distribution of everything it makes. Since 1988 the company has been putting a quirky conceptual spin on an everything from soap (Dirty Girl, Miso Pretty, Wash Away Your Sins) to life-changing breath sprays (Instant Irish Accent, Instantly Understand Modern Art), to all natural candies (Get Real), chewing gum, giant printed totes, politically pointed car fresheners, and recently released miniature books and tin banks, which address various types of human desire. The company has never employed a full time packaging designer, instead its strategy is to act more like a book publisher, using illustrators, writers and designers from all over the world, and feeding their ideas through the Blue Q sausage making equipment, where the distinct Blue Q story telling attitude is piled on. Nash is known for mothering every tiny element on every product, obsessing how the words and pictures combine to do their job to sell the stuff.




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