I met with James Harris of Elemental Interactive yesterday about digital formats for archiving our winners and creating a social conversation that lives between the curation of award shows. I had run into James at SoCon11 where he had run a session called Social Tables: Why Social readers are really the future of Newspapers and Magazines starting our conversation. I left that conversation with James at SoCon excited by the idea of creating a living and forward focused platform for SEED to be a true evolving conversation about design in the Southeast in addition to an archive of past accomplishments.

I left yesterday’s follow-up meeting excited and repentant.

The repentant part is about falling into the trap of defining our entry process for Case Studies in the traditional way when the way we communicate has become so much more diverse.

So…if you have a Case Study in any electronic format that you’d like to submit, you may bypass the 8 1/2 x 11 paper format. We would be thrilled to see you using YouTube, Flipboard/other curating applications, or any other reasonably accessible online or iPad tool to tell your story. We’ll figure out how to judge it.

One of the other conversations I’ve had around case studies that also deserves a mention here is that of students nominating their professors for the Innovative Approaches to Design Education case study category. We hadn’t envisioned that one but it makes so much sense that we will add that category. Students take note:

Student sponsored entries nominating a professor for being innovative are F-R-E-E! And you get an extra week to submit…deadline for those entries is March 7th. Send in your testimonials and samples in whatever electronic format makes the most sense to you.

If you really want to send something over in print, we do still need you to  make it letter sized and in triplicate so we can send it out to the remote judges.

Watch here for updates on upcoming plans to create that ongoing conversation using your Case Study entries. You’ll definitely want to be part of this!


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