From its inception, AIGA Atlanta has intended for the SEED Awards to be socially and fiscally responsible in its use of resources. Core leaders have lead the charge with increasing efficacy each year, rising to the challenge of managing entry, promotion, and display waste as well as maximizing the resources invested in transporting quality judges. These sort of efforts are not without challenges or failures, but they have been sincere with certain success in their results thanks to the dedication of leaders like Elizabeth Boyle, Linda Doherty, Zia Khan, and Hartmut Jordan.

In 2009, Hartmut opened us up to new possibilities by rethinking our entry waste and reusing it in the design of the awards as seen in this video:

As we grow and expand the size and reach of the SEED Awards in 2011, we commit to being just as innovative with waste and resources while also reminding those entering our show to be mindful of minimizing it to begin with. We also realize that sustainability encompasses much more than recycling waste or the use of recycled paper in promotions and archives. As a result, we are dedicated to making the extra effort to follow, promote, and lead in the application of  The Living Principles for Design.

With deep agrarian roots, we trust that the southeast region produces an abundance of smart, innovative, and influential designers connected to and concerned about the environment. In addition to reducing and reusing waste, the 2011 SEED Awards includes a Sustainable Influence Case Study category created to recognize those using the influence of design thinking or sustainably produced artifacts to advance awareness, influence direct action, and/or create a measurable behavior change regarding sustainability. Solidifying our connection with The Living Principles, we are excited to announce that Phil Hamlett has agreed to be both lead judge for the category and an advisor to SEED.

We welcome your suggestions for new ways to continuing improving our efforts in this area. Please submit your comments below or email us at